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                        University Recruiting Programs

                        Our Internship Program and New College Graduate Programs are designed to train and engage emerging technology professionals in a variety of disciplines and assist with the transition from academia to corporate environment. We provide networking, leadership, and team building opportunities, giving participants both valuable business contacts and practical skills.


                        Upcoming Recruiting Events

                        Tasnuva, Process Engineer, Intern to New Grad

                        Tasnuva - "My career with Applied Materials started on my first day of graduate school, with an ongoing research project that was followed by a 6-month co-op. I was encouraged to be innovative and develop a test system from scratch, which resulted in a patent. Working at Applied, my manager and fellow team members give me the liberty to take risks, speak my mind, and make bold changes. Everyone on my team has diverse responsibilities that contribute to the team’s success, just like the different business units at Applied contribute to the organization’s success."

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                        Christopher, Process Engineering Intern

                        Christopher - "Interning at Applied Materials has given me fantastic experience in the field of process engineering. Within my first week, I dove right into hands-on problem solving that could directly impact the company. Even with the steep learning curve I sometimes faced, everyone on my team was available to assist whenever I had questions. Everyone at Applied Materials—some of whom have been at the company for 20 years or more—has a passion for solving problems, resulting in some of the coolest semiconductor technologies possible."

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                        Sadaf, Financial Analyst, New Grad

                        Sadaf - "As a new college graduate at Applied Materials, I believe I have joined one of the most supportive communities in the world. My ideas, my questions, and my experience are all valued. I have the opportunity to build my career every day by exploring different roles and learning new skills—without fear or hesitation."

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                        Lisbet, Human Resources Intern

                        Lisbet - "My internship experience at Applied Materials has been priceless. I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people who bring a range of perspectives and skills to every new project. This has been a significant and rewarding opportunity for me to gain real world experience in a company that truly values teamwork, diversity, and integrity."

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                        Vy, Supplier Engineer, Intern to New Grad

                        Vy - "Working at Applied Materials, I am constantly in awe of how all the pieces—each process, each group, and each part—come together to make possible a product that did not previously exist. The mentoring I received through the internship program has made possible my dream of becoming a professional engineer. As I look back, I can see the numerous individuals, projects, and responsibilities that have helped me grow into the engineer I am today. My advice to future Applied interns is simple: embrace every opportunity, learn as much as you can, leverage the amazing talent and knowledge around you, and be amazed at what becomes possible."

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                        Somina, Public Relations Intern

                        Somina - "Applied Materials offers countless growth opportunities—whether your background is technical or not—and the company is committed to providing you with a wide range of professional experience. As an intern, I took on my own projects, worked with teams across the world, and met with executives on a regular basis. Through Applied, I have gained a deeper understanding of the tech industry, building valuable skills and making lasting memories."

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                        Frequently Asked Questions: 
                        Who is eligible for an internship?

                        Students currently enrolled in a degree program and a major that aligns with the business objectives of Applied Materials are eligible.

                        Who is eligible for a recent or new graduate opportunity?

                        Students who have graduated within the 12 months prior to their job application or are expected to graduate within the next 6 months are eligible.

                        Do you provide relocation assistance?

                        Yes. We offer a comprehensive relocation package for recent and new graduate hires who meet the eligibility criteria. For internships, students there is no relocation provided.

                        What kinds of benefits are offered to interns?

                        Internship students are eligible for paid holidays and office transportation as per India Policy guidelines.

                        In which locations are internships and new graduate positions offered?

                        The majority of positions are located in our Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai offices in India.

                        Are internships paid?

                        Yes, we pay all of our interns monthly stipens and offer competitive rates based upon market research.

                        What types of new graduate positions are available?

                        Openings are based upon projected needs and include both technical and business positions, including but not limited to:

                        Technical Positions:

                        • Application Engineer
                        • Mechanical Engineer
                        • IT Service Management
                        • IT Solution Management
                        • Manufacturing Engineer
                        • New Product Manufacturing Engineer
                        • Configuration Management Engineer
                        • Computer Aided Engineer
                        • Software QA Engineer
                        • Software Engineer

                        Business Positions:

                        • Order Service Management
                        • IT Service Management Support
                        • Business Intelligence Analyst


                        What types of internships are available?

                        We hire a few summer interns each year, in both technical and business fields. The majority of internships fall into one of the following categories, including but not limited to:

                        • Chemical
                        • Mechanical
                        • Mechatronics
                        • Material Science
                        • Metallurgical
                        • Electrical
                        • Physics
                        • Engineering
                        What is the best way to apply for an internship or new graduate position?

                        The most effective way to apply is through an on-campus interview. If Applied Materials is not interviewing at your school, you can still be considered for our opportunities by applying online.

                        How soon after I submit my résumé will I be contacted?

                        You will be contacted only if you have been selected for an interview. We will keep your résumé on file for the duration of your university enrollment. If a position becomes available that matches your qualifications, you will be contacted.

                        Internship Opportunities

                        Applied Materials offers a wide range of internship and co-op positions that provide qualified students with hands-on experience in a corporate environment, critical professional skills, and high-level knowledge about the electronics industry.

                        As an intern for Applied Materials, you’ll work for the global leader in materials engineering solutions for the electronics industry and meet some of the most innovative professionals in the industry. This is a great opportunity for tomorrow’s leaders. We strongly encourage you to apply.

                        New Graduates Opportunities

                        Applied Materials offers various full-time employment routes for recent and upcoming university graduates which provide in-depth training, opportunities to work cross-functionally, and access to a global knowledge database.

                        Current programs include Engineering Rotation Programs located in our major offices, a Financial Rotation Program based in Santa Clara, CA and Austin, TX, and direct hire opportunities all over the United States.