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                        FORECAST PARTS MGMT
                        The exact inventory you need, when you need it

                        Maintain the exact inventory you need to maximize the use of your production equipment. FPM leverages Applied Materials’ global supply chain infrastructure and inventory to offer parts support specifically tailored to your operational needs. The benefits of FPM allow greater assurance of supply, with more efficient use of inventory, which translates into savings for customers.

                        WHAT IT OFFERS

                        FPM focuses on forward-looking active supply chain management. With FPM, Applied Materials provides a committed level of service—based on your part usage forecast. The supply chain design is based on your specific requirements, ensuring you have the exact inventory you need, when you need it.

                        FPM provides tailored service level commitments based upon customer forecast:

                        •  Onsite consignment with high-part availability through Applied Materials planning
                        • >90% of offsite parts delivered within 10 days of request

                        WHAT IT INCLUDES

                        Through FPM, Applied Materials helps you minimize fab disruptions and ensure you receive the highest-quality parts, at costs that enable you to remain competitive. FPM includes:

                        • High service levels
                        • World-class, global supply chain support
                        • Access to the latest in part technology improvements